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Free software for learning the German language

. Free software for learning German Your computer should be used not only for entertainment but also to learn

.. Computers are not only fun but also teach Below is a list of free programs to learn German using them, you can make learning new words will not only enjoy, but above all more. Effective
German u 4 / u
program provides learning German nouns Learning takes place in a test -. set up in Poland, the words add their German counterparts to lack a few words in.. base addition, the program is very simple wizard letters
program can be downloaded.? emission = downloading
u German words 1.0 / u
You can learn vocabulary in German has a data base: 2000 nouns and 180 verbs work with the program is possible in two ways: .. the German-Polish - Polish equivalents should be added to the German word - and the Polish-German
download u. http://www.kursy-online. pl / blister / dll /
seafront German irregular verbs / u
list of irregular verbs in the German search engine
To download: / win / ncn.htm
u +7.0.21 Lite System TL - Thesaurus - German - / u
Free dictionary German Thesaurus. has a rich database of words and phrases - more than 30 000 - and the search button with German special characters, which are can not be entered on the keyboard
can be downloaded from the website.
u Wkuwacz / u
program for learning words of foreign languages including German - .. has built a number of German words, what science has done the test with each word, we can determine the extent of his control - the good, average, bad -. check box or a bad average, giving the appearance of words on the following questions can also program create their own tests, in which both questions and answers may be in the form of individual words or whole sentences
.. for download at: / projects / wkuwacz

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