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How to make a decorative woven ribbons briefcase

How to make a folder with twisted decorative ribbon term papers and awarded with the development require more than normal, buy a map at the kiosk card

Seminar and received development requires more than normal, buy a map at the kiosk Beautifully decorated cardboard portfolio will emphasize the importance of what is inside Below you will find instructions on how to use the tape for easy decorating. Briefcase. Br Buy a simple cardboard folder and accurately measure it.
Take two different bands. may differ in color or pattern. Calculate how much you need to cut the ribbon on their size briefcase.
interlining adhesive cover. Tape organize one color to each other, to respect each other, but do not overlap. ribbon straps attach at one end with masking tape.
second color ribbon weaving weave the convolution between the pre-glued tape.
Make sure that even the weave and tense. then sprayed a little wet hot irons to braid stuck on fleece.
Cut the protruding ends of the ribbon, leaving about 2 inches on each side of the substrate. roll up the ends and carefully sprayed them if they do not want to abide by these sub-clans nonwoven fast drying glue.
Finally sticks, braided briefcase.

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