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Winter Holidays

. Winter holidays Many psychologists believe that winter can be a time of depression and low mood

Many psychologists believe that winter can be a period of depression and bad moods That includes children and adults time invites us to sit in a warm apartment, preferably in a fire and keeps the issue on the nose .... frost partners activity in fresh, frosty air, during those few months, however, can provide us with many wonderful memories, strengthen family ties and provide a lot of fun for kids, here are some simple and interesting ideas enjoy a wonderful time with your children - it also wyrośniętymi - .
u Skiing and Snowboarding / u
fate If you select one, who lives near the cable car, you can take on the day of his family to ski or board.
u skates / u
Not everyone skating as well as those involved in Dancing on Ice. Many people are not skating champions, however, he spends his free time on the ice or frozen lake. skate, of course, needs a little practice and a strong legs. sport is appreciated by novice skaters who spend most of their time lying on the ice, rather than moving it around.
u tobogganing, rubber, etc. jabłuszku / u
As we go into the mountains with the whole family in one of the toboggan runs - eg sankostrada in Krynica - ... If not, certainly the most entertaining enough for us just a mountain sled is available in the market and Apple will guarantee us a lot of adrenaline
u modeling snowman / u
modeling idol is not the easiest task. Certainly each of us in his life he devoted much time to lepieniu big balls and placing them on each other.
u Drawing on snow / u
All you need is a small dish, water, paint, and snow. a little imagination and creativity can become a true work of art.
u Igloo and Snow Cave / u
If you have a lot of snow very cool game can be to build shelter from the snow, like a cave or an igloo.
u Walking in the snow - snow shoes / u
Take a trip with his family in the snowy regions Anyone can walk safely will have no problem with the sport skis .. - Karpe - a cause that will not collapse, so that we can reach the most inaccessible areas, the movement of the surface of the snow.

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