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How to make a drawing of Autumn Tree

How to make a drawing of Autumn Tree This project can make a child any age

This project can make a child any age especially recommend it for preschoolers Drawing - .. Wyklejanka is very easy to make each child cope with them without any problems can be submitted and will be delighted with the results of their work. .
need black paint, paper, straws, glue and dry autumn leaves instead of an ordinary sheet of paper you can use the technical paper -. to be difficult - .. leaves should be very dry, so you can easily crush them if The list is not dry enough to destroy them then put them in the microwave briefly - about 1 min -.
As we accumulate all the necessary things first you need to do is crush list Put them in a large bowl and carefully. break some arms.
Now, paint on a piece of wood. drawing need not be complicated. But you must put a huge amount of color.
Place straw in places where the work is full of color and a hard blow. Farbka rozpryƛnie in different directions to form an interesting system of branches
Farbka As I applied the glue hardens to the point where you want the tree has leaves Apply glue to the tree and - ... there are leaves that have fallen from the tree
Sprinkle crushed figure, colorful Autumn leaves.
now firmly tamp the list in accordance with the adhesive.
Lift the excess paper and shred the leaves. not a pretty picture?

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