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How to dress at the end of school year

How to dress at the end of the school year End of year celebrations and one of the few you should follow certain rules for clothing

end of the school year is a solemn occasion and one of the few you should follow certain rules of clothing Here are some tips on how you should dress to look elegant and fashionable
First of all .. checked the weather will be the last day school year. time in Poland, you can change radically from day to day. Make sure to heat, cold, windy, or be pour rain. Your clothes should be in accordance with weather conditions. In addition, take into account the fact that the church is usually cold. Even if the weather is warm and goes until the end of the year in a dress, do not forget to bring a light coat or bolero.
choose the right dress for the occasion. It often happens that a girl dresses at the end of the school year that will give the dress New Years Eve or a wedding. You can also find clothing suitable for walking the dog to the park. Try to look at the days until this situation appropriately.
best colors for the year ended school are obviously white, beige, ecru, black and navy blue . does not mean, however, that clothing has to be boring. Instead of the usual black skirt and white blouse to wear a dark plaid skirt with braces.
Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are the elite Manhattan teenagers.
If it is not up to the face in black white combination of colors you can wear colored head that will give your outfit a new character.
Japan usually know fashion. This year proved to rage generation.

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