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How to solve inequalities of the first degree

How to solve inequalities of the first stage each student in his high school career, faces the problem of solving the inequality

Each student in his high school career encounters the problem of solving this inequality is not a complicated thing, unless of course you know how to go about it I will explain briefly how to solve inequalities with one unknown fra... Suppose
that we are considering the inequality:
5x + 7 3 - x - 1 -
The first step is to simplify, which included multiplying all the braces:
5x + 7 -3x + 3
deploys a single word - in the case of inequality first level of uncertainty ranges on one side of the inequality, and fixed to the second -
5x + 3x 3-7
As you can see, moving. word on the other side of the inequality change their character - as in the case of the equation -
inequality again, we simplify the add / subtract like terms: 8x
- 4
divide both sides of the inequality in the number of stands But before you decide to take a trip offers some of the things at hand. Select
look for signs of autumn you need a sunny day. If this happens only on a trip to the park. Translate your child to be getting colder and shorter days, which will now have to dress a little warmer. Note
baby trees, fallen leaves, and their different colors. You can gather some colorful fall leaves to bouquets. If a really hot day, you can sit on the bench and odrysowywać list on a piece - or collect a variety of shapes and colors, and then continue to party at home -. Spread
child as animals prepare for winter, as well as stocks, with Some hibernate and wake up to the spring. Perhaps you are familiar squirrels that just doing their winter supplies. You can buy the nuts are out of the house.
After returning home, to fall decorations. You can put the leaves on colored paper, cardboard stiffened, you can make bouquets. You odrysowywać leaves on colored paper, then cut etc.
Select the country in search for signs of autumn. If you have a farmer friend, ask them to show the collection and storage of hay, straw, grain, etc. The garden show your child ready for the winter, flower beds, ask the child to the chrysanthemum, which, as a few flowers now grow yourself during cold weather.
Choose your child to a nearby forest. Look for mushrooms - if you do not know better not to pick mushrooms - and show the child occurrence of different fungi. Look for moss, heather Gather, acorns. During his stay in the park, you can search for chestnuts, which figures you do at home.
Choosing the right backpack is not easy at all I mean is not appropriate to follow only his backpack must look first of all be safe for your childs spine I hope the following mini-guide will be helpful .. in choosing the best, safe backpack for our children.
Consider the style, size, function and quality of the backpack. will be the best backpack that fits in the back of the child. backpack, which distributes the weight evenly across the back. In recent years, many studies conducted in children to carry backpacks to school. overloaded backpacks, which are not recorded evenly distribute the weight they have a very bad effect on the backbone and students. not follow the pack, so just look and not a child who says that he must have green, because it is beautiful.
Consider the childs body build and weight, you will have to carry in a backpack. I am also the size of a backpack. If the cabinets are in school, and you are free to leave your books, backpack will not have to carry heavy loads and many books. However, in many schools is not possible. therefore it must be to think about it now. it is useful for larger backpack.
Go to several stores, not just one. I never know whether to pack the next store will be better.
If you can, put a bag of some heavy stuff and put the child on her back. See how to expand the backpack on your back, if your child is comfortable to wear or not to break and not wiped out a gun.
backpack should be enhanced, with wide shoulder straps to avoid wżynały skin. should be carefully and firmly sewn. straps should be adjustable. backpack, where possible, should be light, there is no additional burden.
not buy a backpack with straps. It is very dangerous for the spine!

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