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How to make a paper airplane

How to make a paper plane to a piece of paper

have the best paper for the purpose of the paper into the printer the exact size is not the most important card was rectangular rather than square
Fold the left corner of the paper .... as shown in Fig.
hard drive line with a finger on the road a piece, it is unticked.
Rozegnij card.
Catch-right corner of the door and make it the same way as before.
strongly sprayed a piece of paper under way.
Rozegnij card.
Gently bend it as shown.
side of the triangle to bend to their height.
hold the left corner, the upper triangle and bend so that the horn contact with the tip of the triangle.
Przyprasuj bend the finger .
Do the same with the right hand corner.
fold the left triangle by dragging its top down.
Przyprasuj finger hard enough to not be straightened. This
do the same thing from a right triangle.
Fold the left side of the paper as shown.
16-17-18. Consider the images very carefully. It is difficult to describe in words how to perform a proper bandage. Because of these points would be the biggest problems is shown below the precise statement.
band along the line card AB
The card should look after bending.
red arrow shows you how to do the next bend in the paper.
Put a piece of paper below it.
This is a picture from a different perspective demonstrates how to fold paper label .
If you are already bent, your model should look like in the picture.
plane should look after the bend on the other side of the model.
Flip the airplane over and fold on the way to their beaks are on the outside.
Turn on the aircraft prior arrangement. result should look like in the picture.
Fold the sheet as shown in Fig.
Moisten tongue fold, to prevent the paper later. Do this carefully and slowly, not to cut their language
Whisk gently comic This will serve as the tail of our aircraft - ... Photo 24 -
the tail, fold the paper strip in half as gutters -. Stop
paper from the tail in the country as shown Figure In this way, the butterfly -. the tail fin -. Photo 26 -
wings fold in half -. Photo 27 -
Fold the right wing in the same way as in Figures 28-29. Pay special attention to increase
Fold the wings should be parallel with the curved beak.
plane should look exactly as it is. converted drawing
wing tips
Wmontuj tail into the slot under the wings - .. Photo 32 -
plane is finite, you can have fun, -..

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