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How to use visual aids in science

How to use visual aids in science, visual aids are very useful for learning

visual are very useful in science with a variety of images we are able to quickly adopt new information and new found knowledge is durable Below are some ideas for using visual aids in science

... Do you seafront Karta / ​​u Visualization
different numbers using the maps will help you to remember them and more to understand their mutual dependence.
u Plan / u Arranged
information easier to remember. therefore try to identify and enumerate all the important information.
u Surround / material
Place or hang in a prominent material that will help you learn. can be printed with color pencil words, dates , names, etc. Use
seafront symbols / u
Use symbols to represent individual words or whole formula. Symbols stimulate different areas of the brain and improve memory.
Opatija Use flowcharts road / u
flowcharts help you organize all the logical sequence.
u Pictures / u
new learning foreign languages ​​słóww do not write their meaning in Polish only bring required character next to them.
u videos / u For
easier to understand and remember the event or activity is something to watch a movie. It may be films historic or scientific programs.

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