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Free software for learning English for kids

Free software for learning English for the Children Childrens fastest and most certainly, to learn foreign languages.

. Children
fastest and most certainly, to learn foreign languages ​​For this reason, we begin to learn the language as a child early Below is a list of free programs to learn English, designed especially for children .. The first two programs are completely free, and the other three were just demos
u Lets learn ABC / u
Free Java applet for teaching English to children learning program is option letters - .. associated with each letter is a word that starts at her voice and reading the correct pronunciation - you can listen to individual words
for download at: .. / web_mat / freecard.html
u Minisebran / u
free program for learning English for children from 2 - 6 years. This allows your child will learn numbers, letters and colors. program has a very nice graphical user interface, designed for children. only drawback is the program. no locale
download: Minisebran, Windows, 11830.html
u Benny and Lenny English for kids - demo - . / u
test version of the program for teaching English to children aged 4-7 years. land program is based on adventures of an alien whose child has to help assemble a vehicle. perform another task, with the help of Bolek and Lolek, the child learns more of the parties. dictionary and note the correct pronunciation
demo version can be downloaded from the website: Lenny and English for Children - . demo -. / u
Demo program for teaching English to children through age 5 and a version for kids, children learn new vocabulary by solving the next job in the company of Bolek and Lolek. All persons communicate solely in English, because is one of the boys played the game as an interpreter
for download on the person: Children under 7 diamonds - demo -. / U
demo version of educational games to teach english for children older than 7 years old child wandering in the city during the Games and click on the specific location, for example, may be transferred to the library, zoo, or shopping center. In each of these places has a chance to learn new words and phrases. exact solution for your child gets the points and diamonds that give access to the studio Karaoke. Another advantage of this program is a self-voicing English-Polish dictionary. child also has the ability to record your own pronunciation of words and compare it with the original
For more information about the program: php ~ ~ = HEAD escape.

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