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How to write an ad

How to write an ad you want to buy something, sell, give, rent or exchange you must write the ad?

Want something to buy, sell, give, rent or exchange must write an ad where you can find advice, which should include a notice to be clear, legible, and does not cause misunderstandings
Fra?.. header should be written in large letters clearly recognizable from the rest of the text. best if one or two words that will draw attention to the announcement. However, if this ad on the internet then the title should contain important keywords in the above publication.
advertisement must contain a detailed description of an item that we sell, donate or exchange. If the notice contains a desire to purchase must be included in the requirements that we have gained about things.
After a thorough description of the given price, you ask, or what we are willing to pay . should contain data that are willing to negotiate, or if not, then you must write that the price is final.
Be sure to give a telephone number and specify the time interval where you can call, otherwise we can call the strangest times of day and night.
If it is possible to publish a photo object for which the notice.

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