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To arouse the curiosity of a child

To arouse the curiosity of a child Research shows that children who excel in school do not always have a higher IQ

Research shows that children who excel in school do not always have a higher IQ That is what they are blessed with curiosity That makes them willing to explore the world, ask questions, read and participate actively in discussions during an hour .. . These are not people who Shun school and will not be satisfied with minimal work, just to pass. Building curiosity begins at home. What is most important is the process easy and enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to arouse curiosity in your childs desire to explore world.
u Give your child a little personal space. / u
learned by doing what comes naturally when children are young and spend hours laying bricks or extracts wsypywaniu and sand from the container. And though we can teach our children sometimes it is better to withdraw and allow your child to learn on their own. If a child begins to despair because of frustration, do not respond immediately to fix the problem. You can propose a solution to the problem, allowing the development of persistence in achieving the purposes and increased confidence.
u Teach your child to follow. / u
We have five senses to explore the world, and all you need to do is encourage your child to use them. Pay attention to details in the good performance of everyday activities, like the smell of soap, the number of butterflies in the picture in the book, etc.
u Teach your child that the error was not a big deal. / u
school child may feel shame for mistakes. Make sure your child that mistakes are an integral part of science, reminding some her. calm and take the slip when a child spills water, immediately advise him what to do in this situation, that is, bring a dish towel and fill with water again. Remember not to be angry, but would avoid or ridicule the childs fault.
u Encourage your child to ask for your hobby. / u
If the facility or activity your child is interested in it, to maintain his interest. If this is the music, keep it in extra hours if you are interested in dinosaurs, get it in book on this subject.

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