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How to teach children with autism

How to teach children with autism Autism, or Kanners syndrome, a disorder in child development

Autism, or Kanners syndrome, a disorder in child development Children with autism have difficulty expressing feelings, establishing social relationships and integration of sensory experiences most autism occurs in the first three years of life .. It is also added to four times more common in boys than in girls. Autistic children often have problems with learning and concentration. Therefore, it is important to approach such an artful child. it requires specialized care teacher who enabled him to mental development.
must first say a few Word on the characteristics of this disease. need to understand autistic children and, as appropriate to their approach. What behaviors characteristic of this disorder? child may be isolated, not in social interaction. have any of the speech disorder - such as reversing pronouns - ..? .. child is reluctant to change the environment, but it easily comes to memory
What is even more important for children with autism organize toys should be the right place does not interfere with the child. In addition to the characteristic symptoms of these diseases can be classified as bad touch, lack of or very rare smile, as well as various types of errors. When we are aware of the symptoms of this disease, it will be easier for us to work with autistic children.
known, the children suffer from autism as a routine and it is easier to find. Thus, the learning plan should be established. Children need to know what will happen after these steps, you can easily do. Town Hall and watch MMA with the plan the day. In this way, children can more easily find themselves in reality. If you need to change the order of operations , do it in a delicate way to not disturb the order of the day dramatically.
environment for learning in the classroom should be structured, ie, everything should fall into place. Avoid clutter For example, divide the class into several areas: a place for entertainment, jobs, places to eat and thus make it easier for children to perform scheduled tasks przemeblowaƄ not in class they can be small subtle changes, but do not do it too often ... develop the talent
autistic children. It is therefore important to recognize talents of the child. Most autistic children have artistic talent, reaching toward the drawing or creating something with their own hands. If your child has these features, provide him with adequate tools to develop these skills. This allows you to connect with pleasure.
Provide adequate space for learning. place it should be well lit and can distract the child. Avoid hanging large, colorful images and fluorescent lighting. often discourage children. Do not place the equipment in the room, which makes a very sudden and loud noises. It can frighten a child with autism .

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