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How to teach your child to read

How to teach your child to read teaching children to read is one of the most rewarding experiences in life for their parents

child to read is one of the most rewarding experiences in life for their parents Many parents wonder how to teach your child to read and what is needed for this, in fact, all you need is a little patience i. Time. If You can give it to the child, as soon as you notice before it opens a new world of symbols and characters that will begin in the mind create words, play a role and form of his imagination.
your child read every book. nothing can replace the effect that the child will get familiar with the sounds of words. If a child sees that reading is important to you, it is likely that you just want to learn.
Make sure your child is ready for learning to read. process can not be rushed. If you start early hours, not get nothing but frustration you and your child. If your child shows no interest in learning letters, wait a month and try again.
start learning to read vowels. Their child knows the sound of his childhood.
Teach your child the sound of each letter. You can do it in a humorous way, as you said, kkkk-cat as soon as you see a cat.
only focuses on one letter at a time. instead injected into the childs head on one of the 26 new letters, focus your attention on a daily or weekly. This will help your child learn letters and feel proud of the progress made by them.
When you teach your child specific letter, give a visual impression, sound and touch Some kids learn faster, vision or hearing the letters, which depends on touching them -. you can buy a plastic case, which will greatly facilitate the study -. Encourage your child to write letters, draw something and then it starts to have this letter, for example, a dog with literce P. Try it with a song about literce. Read your child a story, often repeated point. Teaching your child the alphabet, try to be creative!
begin to read short words, Use brainstorming, plan a lesson plan with other teachers or ask if you can review your lesson. Bring some simple lessons that engage students work, divide them into groups, to organize the competition, presentation, reading newspapers, get a parent who is an expert in this subject in the classroom. Motivate students with additional marks for activity.
Sign up for courses and training for teachers, participate in discussions on the Internet. Try to contact with teachers from other schools and provinces, talk to them about their use of teaching methods.
vacation every year like its your first. It is easiest to use in the classroom materials prepared in previous years, but this leads to stagnation. Constantly improved and upgraded their lessons, to use modern teaching methods, try different options to present the same topic.
Whenever possible, paying for the holiday weekend. Most teachers take their work home and deal with it every night and on weekends. To prevent burnout, you need time for yourself!
Consider additional faculty. Apply for postgraduate studies, which will give you the right to teach other subject. This will provide a new and interesting challenge.
take care of yourself and enough sleep, plenty of exercise and healthy eating.

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