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How to use verbal techniques in science

How to use verbal techniques in science is a way of learning and memory is very much of a good organization to work on mnemonics

of learning and memory is very much of a good organization to work on mnemonics Here are some ways to use verbal techniques to learn thanks to them, science is interesting and certainly more effective
In Talk out loud / u
to speak and listen to yourself. Some new information easier to remember and when they hear the reading.
Brainstorming / u
talk with colleagues about a question or questions that will help you remember details and motivate a deeper look at the subject.
u teach someone else / u
you can start teaching her younger sister, parent or friend. teaching someone how to better understand the problem .
u rhymes / u Creating
rhymes you remember the key word.
u Association / u
learning new words, try to connect them with other well-known of the word.
u Repeat / u
Through repetition we remember fast.
u Sing / u
If you can come up with the melody, sing the text youre trying to learn.
u Ask / u
learn to ask questions more accurately. It is important to arouse curiosity about it. more interesting will be successful in science reference.

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