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To minimize the effects of a hangover

To minimize the effects of a hangover almost everyone from time to time you happen to overdo it with alcohol, and pay later bad consequences

almost everyone from time to time you happen to overdo it with alcohol, and pay later bad consequences Hangover is the response of the body to give it to toxic substances Every body reacts to alcohol and may otherwise deal with a hangover ... probably the most common effects of the surge. dehydration, headache, nausea, general fatigue, problems with liver, stomach, skin, and there have not been invented 100% effective cure for a hangover, one that fully eliminowałby his symptoms. situations where the use made of alcohol you follow these tips to minimize the damage when exposed to drinking to our health.
u Before you drink / u
Home - nawodnij body - it prepares the body dose of alcohol, increasing fluid level loss and help him in the process of self-purification Home - take care of the liver - drinking coffee, and limit the use of hot spices, consume large quantities of milk and dairy products as cheese, yoghurt and sour milk, drink lots of fruits and vegetables
- during the day on whichre to drink or eat a full meal consisting of large amounts of vegetables, brown rice, fruit, etc. - tłustsze food is less favorable, but it seems slower drunk - Home - Never drink on an empty stomach
u drinking during / u Home - drink alcohol, alternate with water or juice rich in vitamin C Home - Do not mix different wines Home - drink as much water preferably with the addition of lemon juice before going to bed Home - use special mitigating symptoms of a hangover pill, depending on the kind of take it before you start drinking, during or after the day
Morning / and teachers. Adults are often unaware of how to treat a child suffering from ADHD. There are many ways that we can establish with your child and make good contact, it ceases to feel alienated. appropriate treatment, lifestyle changes and behavior of the system can help your child cope with ADHD.

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