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What is the process of digestion?

What is the process of digestion, digestion process is one of the basic functions?

Digestion process is one of the basic functions This allows your body to regulate different processes in our bodies Few people know how to start the process I think you should know your body, be aware of how it works .. and what its characteristics. It will become more aware of your body. Remember that your body is not trash where you can put whatever you want. reading this article youll understand why you should pay attention to what you eat.
Digestion is the process which your body converts food into energy. material useful for the body to absorb, and the rest is excreted. where to start this process? Of course, in the mouth. This is a place where similar products, which provides Chewing and thanks to our teeth, we can easily grind food.
What happens next? chewed and mixed with saliva, food travels through the pharynx and esophagus to the stomach. This is the body produces hydrochloric acid, which activates digestive enzymes and kills microbes. This digestive juice breaks down proteins and begins to digest fat. But only a part.
what? mostly digested food moving deeper into the colon. first go of the small intestine. food gradually transported into the duodenum. It was there that there are gut hormones that stimulate the secretion of bile, pancreatic and intestinal juices stroke.
After digestion kawasy free acid is formed. In this form they were transported to the brush border of enterocytes. This is the place where it is absorbed. In the small intestine is also digesting bacteria. It depends on the distribution of undigested food are among the intestinal villi. bacteria are digested .
What will happen next? leftover food is transported into the colon or part of the ... small intestine and anus This is where the water is absorbed and some vitamins, minerals and electrolytes between small and large intestine is the ileocaecal valve
hose ends on the outside of a hole - asshole -. Undigested food residues excreted as feces during defecation or excrement removal. This is how the process of digestion. As you can see it is very complicated. often do not realize how it works in our bodies . I hope this article will change.

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