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How to avoid mistakes in language

How to avoid grammar mistakes He said that the Polish language is one of the hardest languages ​​in the world, a full variety of exemptions or the curse of the complexes of phonetics for students of Polish strangers

said that the Polish language is one of the hardest languages ​​in the world, a full range of exceptions or complex as the curse of phonetics for students of Polish to foreigners, however, even native speakers do not always have to worry about the correctness of his speech, which climb. at the same time irritated sensitive to students mistakes. Since the first
IEM eliminate errors from their idiolect to them, we give below some typical, common mistakes.
włanczaj not light
. br Baby turn on the light - I włanczam - a dialogue that could take place in many Polish homes activities for inclusion, załanczaniem, przyłanczaniem etc. - but fine: turn, turn, attached to - hear often and in different situations in force. way to quit Turning from these words may be inherent to realize the relation between words. For example, the light will not turn włancznikiem, but a switch, etc. Ms.
just ask for the hand of Miss
! Jack pushed Kasia and now laughs - screaming children often break Keep in mind that the form of madam is permitted only when someone asks something like Mrs. Peace, Manon of the kiss. .. etc.. in the form of greeting is the only appropriate option here, Maam.
Avoid talking about nothing, limit butter, butter.
suddenly stepped back, then looked around and continued her work - one in which they are engaged pleonazmami Pleonazmy, the popular butter buttery occur when it is unnecessary reiterates the importance of others, and is therefore superfluous as in any field, there are serious .. formulated, which should be avoided, as well as some that can turn a blind eye or just can not avoid them, for example, painted a smile on your face or -. as you know I can paint a smile on another part of the body than the face, but without these penalties will be defined more precisely vague -.
far not the same at least
Not at all and least are not synonyms, which could indicate in a way that we use today .. No way is freely translated as no, and the least particle indicates the minimum acceptable amount of examples of using the funds, but at least you can breed, we stop in one sentence: .. do not think So
claim is not automatically more accurate - or smarter - ..
In everyday life it is often hard to protect us from the words and phrases, which in our opinion, make a long speech, more seriously, so it is more typical of expert example, the phrase in In any case, the contamination - crossroads - the other two terms, or in any case and in any case, while in itself is not accurate Another phenomenon is the excessive use of the word fashion, which by themselves themselves are not errors. Language, however, interfere with our dictionary.

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