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How to learn English

? How to learn English you have any problems with the English you learn a few years ago, but still do not see results if so, please read the following tips to help you master the English language

Do you have a problem with the English you learn a few years ago, but still do not see results if so, please read the following tips to help you master the English language
in speak without fear. / u
biggest problem most people who learn a new language is their own fear. They were afraid not to cancel the word correctly, or it will look stupid, so do not talk at all Do not do it in any way quickest and best way to learn all of this - again .. and again, until the proper order.
Like everything, learning English requires a lot of practice do not let a little fear prevented from getting what you want the most important thing is that talk - .. no matter if you speak good, or make mistakes. Your efforts will surely be appreciated and should not be afraid that someone will laugh.
u advantage of opportunities. / u Even if
you learn English in school that does not mean you can not learn outside the classroom to use multiple sources, methods and tools - .. to learn a foreign language much faster There are many different ways to do this is to practice their English, so do not limit one or two. Internet for the perfect way to learn English.
u Surround in English. / u
absolute best way to learn English is to surround it. Take notes in English, in the room set written in English books, listen to radio programs conducted in that language, English watch the news, movies and television. speak English with friends whenever the opportunity arises. more English stuff around you accumulate, the faster you learn and begin to think in English. Listen
native speakers as often as possible. / u
few good teachers who can teach English. However, there are several reasons for that are the best language schools prefer to hire native speakers of English. One reason is that the natural accent that students should strive to emulate.
u Watch movies and television in English / u
not only a good way to learn the language, but also highly efficient Looking filmóww English - .. especially with English subtitles - you can expand your vocabulary and hear the pronunciation of words for you troublesome. If you listen to the news, you can also catch a variety of accents.
u Listen to English songs. / u

Music can also be an effective way to learn English. In fact, it is a good way to learn proper pronunciation. the best way to learn is to track and read, and the artist sings. There are many good places on the page where you can find the text most songs. In this way you can practice reading and listening simultaneously. And if you want to sing out loud along with the artist.
Learn u it is often possible. / u
just learning grammar and vocabulary exercises, which can actually improve a foreign language.
u to solve exercises and tests. / u Lots of people think that exercises and tests are boring. However, for them you can really improve your English. One of the best reasons to do the test, it is possible to compare them with previous results. When using the test six months ago and looks after him, see how many you already know. If you do not test, you will not know how much you have progressed. start now and do some exercises on the page , return them for a few days and see what youve learned. start working, and certainly poczynisz further progress in learning English.
Record u up. / u
know nobody likes hear your voice on tape, but it is a good test. It is good to compare your tapes from time to time. Maybe youll be impressed with his progress did not know his voice.
u Listen to English. / u
I think the talk on the phone, listening to the radio or CDs in English. It was a different experience than watching movies or TV, because you do not see the person talking to you. Many learners of English say that speaking on the phone is one of the hardest things and the only way to study the effects of improving practice.

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