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How to write an essay

How to write an essay discussion the most serious form of expression in Polish

discussion is the most serious form of speech in Poland in the form of verbal or written statements, trying to prove something, and often justifiably Here are tips to be taken when writing essays
fra We need to put the hypothesis the output.
If we are convinced of the correctness of the hypothesis we only arguments in favor of it. If, however, are not sure whether the hypothesis is true we give arguments for and against. If we give the arguments for and against should not intertwine them together, you must first specify reasons in favor of the hypothesis, then those who claim that the hypothesis is false.
All arguments must be justified by the evidence, not conjecture.
After the presentation of their arguments and justifications, add your own opinion on such In my opinion ... I think ... I think .... a personal approach ensures the listener to consider the arguments are correct.
Finally, select an application essay, or to accept or reject the hypothesis set at the beginning. No write an essay, it is important to specify the citations that support our arguments.
discourse should contain an introduction, middle and end. In the introduction it should be part of the output hypothesis. Development consists of the arguments and counterarguments, and examples of arguments and counterarguments . Completion confirm or reject this hypothesis.

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