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How to pack a CD

How to make packaging for CD: Instead of paying money for the CD packaging is better to do it yourself

Instead of paying money for the CD packaging is better to do it for packaging made of paper on a CD takes up little space and are very easy to do
plate is placed on the upper edge of the paper width ...
of paper, fold the edges of the plate with two sides.
Pull the drive from the center and put it in the middle.
lower end of the sheet bend in the amount of the lower edge.
band of which are marked in red in Figure dashed lines on side plates.
bend as indicated in the figure on the red dashed lines on side plates.
Fold in shown in Fig.
fold as shown.
piece of paper, leaving both by bending inward.
Journey to the Center CD and cover up in the upper part of the work.
Journey to the center of the CD and cover up the upper part of the paper.
Fold both top corners of the bottom of the tank.
insert the upper part of the card inside the package.

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