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How to learn a British accent

How to learn a British accent speaking with a British accent is not easy

Speaking with a British accent is not easy if you were born in the UK study of the local accent is very difficult for us, but there are ways to improve your pronunciation Here are a few ways to do it ....
quickest way to learn the accent by listening to and imitating native Briton In this way children learn -. through listening, repetition and imitation emphasis
learn British accent is good to go for a while. in the UK and surround with English only.
best sites in England to learn the accent and the County of Oxfordshire Cambridgeshire.
If you can not long remain in the UK, then youre left listening to the television. Accent You can hear the BBC News. you must repeat the words correctly and clearly articulate them, making sure to do a pause between words. Imitate speech trainers for about half an hour. After two weeks, you should already see the effects.
more. listen to people using a British accent, the easier it will be used in practice
Imagine that you have a plum in your mouth when you speak the language vocals kept as low as possible while the palate as much as possible try to talk normally - does not sound silly .. -. Taking language in combination with additional resonances will be a good start to learn a British accent.

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