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How to teach children English

How to teach children English there is broad consensus that the best foreign language to teach children

conventional wisdom is that the best foreign language to teach children about their thoughts are absorbing new knowledge not as something that is mandatory, but fun Many of us have in my head as a child learns to speak a foreign language, .. or to practice foreign language with their child at home. Well, its not impossible. only know a few tricks you can use while learning at home or at school.
u To encourage children to talk with each other in a foreign language / u Its simple. Need a small, soft hand puppets. should have a name, if you learn English in English, French, if you learn French, etc. Suppose that we teach children English. Our mascot named Matt. Choose one person from the group. Ask the she covered his eyes for a moment from the audience. second hide mascot. task for a child who has come out that they have found this toy. child must ask in English someone in the group. to find a toy every time, however, must be present and say what is the example ....? Good morning My name is Anna Im looking for my toy, Matt you have it, if the child in question, said the toy should be answered Good morning My name is Caroline Yes, I have a Mat If he does not have the answer should be: ...... Good morning My name is Caroline No, I do have a mat if you have lots of children in the group, you can encourage your child, in which,. m groups should seek to put
table with various objects on the screen all children should see all the great things call each item in English, children must be repeated each time the English names of some data .... Ask the children to keep in mind that all items. They should not be new to children, to remember them all. Then ask the children to be away from the table and turned towards him. Put one item, so that children will not see which items you will hide. Ask selected children who had come to the table. Tell him that you have a hidden object. Let others explain children in a foreign language course, which course the point. rest speculation.
u If you want to teach kids / grammar, but do not want to bother with the rules, because I was simply too small to use colored chalk when writing sentences on the board .
For example
I love tennis.
My mother cooks dinner.
Blue marked pronouns, verbs in red and green nouns. This exercise is very useful for those students who have problems with passing sentence.

u How to train children to count in a foreign language / u You can, for example, ask one child to another on the left class. During this time, hide the rest of the children previously selected item. child who came after return mission to find the item. Others suggest counting. If the person is away from where it is hidden in the house, the children counted silently. child will be closer to the hidden object loudly to be reckoned with. You can also ask a child that is important, not the whole class, and repeat this exercise several times. Every time you need another person and another person should be counted.
You will need flashcards. arrange them in the classroom. randomly put them in a window, a shelf or on the tables of children - . anywhere then tell the children what you are looking for a card, of course in a foreign language that the child finds the first card gets the point .. It was great fun u teach children vocabulary / u. can be applied on almost every block of business.
You can sing songs with children seafront / u. kids love it. Select the appropriate level of children. sing along. best if the elements of movement.
Divide the class into two groups. Each group name, such as sun and moon. selected child from each group say that the shortest word shown in the summary. child who will be the first results of a point for his team. the following words compete more children. winner is the team that scores the most points. This method is ideal to repeat the vocabulary / u.
You will need two sets of cards. One with words in the English language, and the other with pictures of those words, or vocabulary in Polish. Give the children cards with the English dictionary. proportion of children in groups - two or three, depending on how many children you have in your group - .... Each group sit separately elsewhere in the class then show the children a card with a picture or a word in Polish child from a group that has a picture should sit on the bench won this group with which the children first get rid of the image.
Writing on the board of selected words. best if they are words that children will want to repeat. Print as much as you want. divide the class into two groups. May will be placed in the line of the first string on the bench at the end of class. standing at the end of class. Ask the children first in line to the old for you. Tell them the ear of one of the words. Entertainment works deaf phone. When you say kids start running up your team and say the last person in the queue for the selected word ear. This child speaks into the ear of the next row and so on, until the first child in line. It should shout out loud for a quick run to the plate and show them. winner is the team that will be the first.
Prepare images of selected items. You will also need a tape recorder. Issue-in-class picture. Some children pretend to be very hot and give it to you quickly from hand to hand. During this time, turn off the music. At a time when the music stopped, they need to stop feeding the image, which currently holds the baby she has to give its English name. continue to play with new pictures of the child, where the fun stopped.
Children stand in a circle on The last three items are demo versions.
u Geometry / u
Suitable for all levels of education. For drawing geometric figures in the plane, familiar with their properties, creating a geometric construction. . Perfect for the home and in school mathematics
To remove the ~ ~ HEAD = escape
u Math 1 +2 / u
two parts of the program to study mathematics at the elementary level. The first part discusses the effects of natural numbers - the first factorization, fact, power, factorial, etc. - and the other for real - operations with fractions, fractions to decimal conversion and vice versa, prior to sign off on the action element factor percentages -.
can be downloaded at:, Windows, 11635.html
u Mathematics 4 / u
free program for learning mathematics, covering the range materials 4th elementary school. Through this program, students can develop skills in basic arithmetic, perform operations with fractions, calculating fields of plane figures and numerical values ​​of conversion from Roman to Arabic and vice versa
for download. Http :/ / www.dobreprogramy. com / Mathematics, Software, Windows, 11724.html
u Quizzer Mathematics / u
simple applet for learning multiplication tables. English version. User requests a result of multiplying two numbers, you must type in the right place and press the Check answer
To download: ~ = ~ HEAD Dobje. u
multiplication tables 1.0 / u
totally free, simple program for learning multiplication tables. The perfect solution for everyone, it seems to be learning traditional boring. Learning can take place in the competition - who will provide accurate results quickly and makes the least mistakes - because the program consists of solving time and number of errors
can be downloaded at:

. u Multiplication table / u
Another applet for learning multiplication tables. Suitable for all ages. Divided into seven - difficulty levels - Level 1 - 5 * 5, Level 2 - 7 * 7, Level 3 - 9 * 9, Level 4 - 10 * 10, Level 5 - 31 * 31, Level 6-99 * 99, seventh grade. - 999 * 999 -
can be downloaded from: / programy.htm
u 2 +2 math for kids / u
program supporting the core activities of mathematics as a school as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All material is divided into 21 classes. An important advantage of this program is attractive graphics, accompanied by pleasant music and narration
can be downloaded from:. Http :/ / +2 _1312.html ~ ~ HEAD = escape
seafront Pythagoras 2000 - Demo - / u
demo a great program for learning mathematics. The program encompasses a range of materials ranging from 5 primary school to secondary education issues. It contains over 700 assignments, examinations, tests, guidelines for the tasks and summarizes theoretically. Learning takes place in the course of solving the tasks for which the application software can view tips. Progress is recorded and is visualized in graphs
demo version for download: ~ = ~ HEAD Dobje
seafront Mathematics 2004 - a demo. - / U
demo program for learning math in elementary school, middle school and high school. The program explains the various problems, using the test checks the received knowledge and monitoring of progress
Demo available for download at:. At the very front of you break down and you are pain at the thought of them then you should choose a different direction for Jobs will be always and everywhere, but you have to remind myself that the only good computer -. or a computer that has a purpose and nature of life. The same applies to the work of a good cook and a good journalist. For this reason, you must choose the direction in which you really like, something that really interests you.
not let that influence the choice of research areas was your best friend either. Parents should be no difference in what your friends are going to study at the college, meet new people, not just hold on to old friends, except that - ... go to college to learn something in the future to find your dream job, not to sit through all the lectures with a friend at the bar. Also parents should not affect the selection of studies. nothing you can do if your dad wanted to become a doctor and doing something in the eyes of the blood. is another matter, however, if your parents are. The owners of the company would then like it or not they ever take ambition Do not fret - .. if they themselves become something that you do so remember to have worked safely for a long time, and probably had a bit of luck is not the place. that you will succeed.
If you do not know which direction to choose, because nothing is really not interested in any particular way, and then select those studies that will give you ample room for maneuver. Think about what you can do after studying the data. There are jobs for graduates in a particular direction, and will be in 5 years? This is so that you are happy? Does that meet your needs in the future will be able to change their profession or supplement it?
Do not forget that it is not necessary for the completion of management and directors of the company within journalism - the reporter was due primarily to teach you how to deal with problems as they solve themselves, and how to learn ..

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