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What to do in order to learn better?

What to do in order to better teach High School is considered by many the most important period in education?

school is considered by many the most important period in the education You are at the stage of science, in which the material becomes much more difficult, but estimates start to be important for their future Moreover, it is necessary now to think of you more creative and abstract. You need to analyze some problems and to develop the intuition. so that you can now acquire the knowledge that you can use in adulthood as a student or employee. For this reason it is extremely important that you learn what to do to improve performance in science and master the skills that will allow you to really understand the material here, you have to pay attention: TRANSACTION.
create appropriate conditions for learning
Many students have trouble in school because it is difficult for them to focus on learning and the przerabianym materials. It is therefore of vital importance for the preparation of a business that will allow you to fully concentrate. first thing is neat, well-organized table. Put in a plastic container of pens and pencils and notebooks in which, if necessary, you can save your notes. The table must have enough space for expansion could be books and books. Put the light that will provide adequate lighting. Maybe it will be difficult for you, but you can not have at hand is absolutely nothing to disperse your attention. This means that You can not learn at the same table, where there is a computer, tower, or other objects that can distract from learning. When you learn to focus only on her. music, snacks and drinks to leave yourself a break. most important is consistency and discipline.
Know accessed steadily.
learning requires an appropriate approach. Be calm and patient, and when you learn new material, as already read when repeated as a discipline of learning difficulties do not lead to any good to try to open your mind and forget about everything around them, including all the reasons that forced stress teach you - .. for example, test, quiz, etc. -
... Watch out for the school and looking for a good review
Much of the learning process takes place in the lesson Listen carefully to what the teacher says, but do not expect me to remember its all good records of everything you consider important, and at home, repeat and deepen the knowledge acquired in class preparation notes, using visual methods .. Homepage - large or underline titles separate consecutive series of materials home - make a diagram, illustrating an initial - definition of key information and write in color Collapse
effective memory
school continued importance attached to memorize large amounts of material to facilitate and expedite the process ... see so mnemotechnikami Here are some of them: .. Home - For storing dates and formulas are best suited to the list page - for learning vocabulary is best done in the table. one column put the word in a foreign language, a translation of his second home - Association will help you remember names or difficult words Home -. Learning from memory quote or song you can remember the first letters in the sentence stands Home - .. Long text can be divided into smaller amounts of each of them try to briefly describe in 1-2 sentences. penalties will write on small pieces of paper. If the repetition of material that you forget some of their passage, look for an appropriate piece of paper and try to develop a sentence written on it.
focus on items that require the most attention.
Some items require a systematic approach. It applies in particular mathematics, physics and chemistry. Do not let in any of these items up. Even if they do not like, let the material. debts not only would you have trouble in school. attempt to catch up on devour so many times that there is no power to learn what really interests you.
Try to work as a team.
Working in groups can bring many benefits both you and your colleagues. Everyone has such a facility, as well. If you will be able to share this knowledge with colleagues, will certainly help them understand the material. In return, receives assistance in what his biggest problem. Co. In addition, studies have shown that most continue to teach someone else. group work is not only useful, it is also the most effective of all forms of learning.
Problems with Polish language? Write!
best way to form the human ability in practice. Read lots of books. Thanks to them, without the slightest effort, you will learn a large vocabulary and learn the style that you can use when writing your own essay. Do not expect results immediately piorunujÄ…cych. Even light pen requires many hours of practice.

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