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How to recognize dyslexia in children

How to recognize dyslexia in children There are many definitions of dyslexia, one theoretical, the other descriptive

.. There are many definitions of dyslexia, one theoretical, the other descriptive Most formally defined as a disorder of dyslexia manifests difficulty in reading, which are independent of intelligence, conditions and instructions assimilated Dyslexia is caused by disturbances in the developmental activities of speech perception , memory and concentration. Research shows that among all students is about 10-15% of dyslexics.
When we think of dyslexia, mainly associated with reading difficulties. normal dyslexia read words from the end, eg. instead of yes see the angles. Undiagnosed dyslexia can lead to serious problems in the future, self-esteem and confidence. detect dyslexia in preschool children is quite difficult, but most children at this time has some learning difficulties. Your job is to observe your child and comparing their work the typical skills that should be purchased at this stage of development parents especially, inexperienced, usually do not know what they really look down so distressing symptoms that need attention ..
first symptoms of dyslexia occur in the second year of life. child Dictionary is very poor and it is difficult to understand. child much later than their peers own people and learn to speak more often twisting words. Many children are slowly making progress in speech, but if after many months of notice that the child is still developing this ability more slowly than their peers, then you doubt it May dyslexia.
child has a problem with rhyming words. child goes to school soon should be aware of the fun with words and know that they can rhyme Sometimes
child later determined by the dominant hand. right-or left-handedness -.? if your child uses both hands when painting or paint, and can consistently use only one hand if your childs problems with a diagnosis of left and right hand dominant parts of the body should determine the age of 5
second common symptom of dyslexia in children mixing similar letters -. for example, replace B to d - or writing letters - for example, r -. other way when you write a child commits any of the errors described here is likely to suffer of dyslexia
Some children may have difficulty with reading whole words, though they form the letters correctly identified. data word.
popular symptom of dyslexia is to write words from the end, such as course instead of dog.
Sometimes children can mix the letters or words in a sentence.
If you recognize the symptoms of dyslexia in children, the head of Psychology and Education, in which experts will examine and take care. Remember that untreated dyslexia lead to learning disabilities and low self-esteem in adulthood.

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