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How do electromagnet with battery

How do electromagnet with a battery you like to experiment if you feel a magnetic attraction to interesting inventions, take a few minutes and make your own electromagnet

experiments If you feel a magnetic attraction to interesting inventions, take a few minutes and make your own electromagnet can not handle the car for scrap, but a few small metal objects will certainly give advice at the end .. not from Rome was not built
you need a large iron nail, 90 cm in a thin copper wire - I stress: a. thin - insulation, R20 batteries and an extra piece of pipe
tape measure around 20 cm 90. cm piece of wire from that point, Begin to wrap the wire around the large iron nails, try to make turns hitting each other Note: .... wire insulation should be fine otherwise, may not work electromagnet
remaining wires, if necessary, a little trim, but leave a piece of the other end. Carefully remove the insulation from both ends of the wire, but only for a short length.
Wrap one end of the insulated wire around the protruding positive terminal of the battery. if necessary secure it with electrical tape. Put the other end to the negative pole. Secure with electrical tape. Be careful, the wire can quickly make a very hot.
electromagnet ready. You can even wrap it with electrical tape in the middle.
Place a magnet over the small metal objects - such as paper clips - to see how it works
u. NOTE:. / u electromagnet produces a battery life that is rapidly heated Z For this reason, disconnect the wires - it separated from one of the pillars - .. as soon as you finish the experiment
After you turn off the circuit , you will see that the solenoid has stopped working Had proved magnetic properties, it must pass through the currents. Thus the name: electromagnet.

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