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How to cheat food for canaries

How to cheat food for canaries, of course, none of us has a plan to fool canary seed

Of course, none of us has a plan to cheat food for canaries Sometimes, however, sometimes forget or make a monthly ticket from ticket coil obślinić it hard to swallow ... such is life and why in such ..? . case, buy a ticket again if opłaciliśmy course in these cases we are left to pray that does not meet the food for canaries and as we meet him, unfortunately, is what we do here are some options:
u Escape . / u
easiest way to avoid the mandate of the escape turn, you can: Home - Ask a colleague or friend - who got a ticket - that he fainted starts screaming, people. to go down and you work up to the nearest bus stop using the confusion Home -. conductor Tell you that you have no documents, so will go with him in the end, of course, but you set up the doors We use a moment of inattention food for canaries and escape .. Home - ..!. standing at the door kanarów As you will see the bus stop, ready to flee at the time of opening the door screaming, looking at the remote Doda, sneaks under the conductors hand and running away
seafront Women / u Kanarami
are usually men. In most cases they do not like to see tears of women, and even fear them. start looking nervously in his pockets and purses of the ticket, and then look of horror in the eyes of food for canaries and break forth into tears. There is a high probability conductor that he will flee from you.
u Honesty / u
Why not have a ticket? you poor, forgotten, you have something important on his head Canary seed is also a man - usually -. so if you need to understand and provide good justification for it you can let the matter, however, to be honest, because nobody does it like a fool for
. u
Obśliniony tickets / u
still have an old ticket with a number that is not zdrapanym could see the exact rate and time. As you will see a canary seed, insert the ticket into his mouth and begin to dig your teeth, taking care to see food for canaries. you can look at a person is not aware of what he does. see a blank window or through the legs. It is unlikely that food for canaries will be his ticket in hand to check it.

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