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How to get to the seminar

How to get to the seminar selection of priests, as a way of life for a young man is quite a challenge

choice of priests, as a way of life for a young man is the real challenge before all, an understanding of their call was a great experience to others, since the priest only difficult to six years of philosophical and theological studies in. .. How can I run a priest sleep?
vocations discernment and motivation
He said that the decision to join the seminar to be executed in an atmosphere of inner freedom, honesty with yourself, and under the influence of prayer. Choosing this way of life is the ultimate, because the emphasis is on, so it is not because the actual will of the candidates, rather than, say, the family wishes.
matriculation certificate and special employment
The seminar is a special type of higher education, to undergo the punishment should be employed in high school. However, there is usually requests Items that should be included in a certificate of maturity, or the results to be proved. than full-time study and is not satisfied with the crowd ready rankingowymi or lists, or information on the number of people in one place.
Age is no barrier
rule to go to seminary the youths soon after graduation, because the clergy can also find people a little older and a little longer in pursuit of their lifes journey. age usually is not any obstacle.
candidate for the seminar should submit written evidence to continue with the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. So - if someone did not take such a certificate, they should compensate Learn more about this before, as a preparation for confirmation usually takes time
Reviews catechist and pastor
.. Among the documents that you need collect the opinions of his pastors home parish catechist and opinions. Sometimes candidates are worried that their current lack of activity in the church will have an impact on this opinion. pastor knows his community, however, maintains such a web notes What if we want to increase the level of intelligence in adulthood? It is possible. Here are some tips.
Lets start with the simplest methods that can be implemented immediately. Reading develops the mind, and also our intelligence. Read lots of books. Choose a topic that interests you. This will give you a larger vocabulary, and thus knowledge. You can also start to play Scrabble. This board game manages to my intelligence. If you are not who you play this game, it is also an electronic version of Scrabble. In this case, you can play alone.
Remember that predictability and routine kills intelligence. Organize your time so as not to get bored. Discover new things, enrich their knowledge on various topics. If you have to overcome every day the same route to work or school, and then change it. Jump / ride a different route. Then you kill routine.
Performing exercises that stimulate both hemispheres of the brain. An excellent example of this exercise is to juggle. The first attempt to manipulate the two balls. Then three. This is a very useful exercise. To increase the level of IQ you can also try to write with the left hand - if youre right-handed -. Try to do everything with your left hand. In this way you will force the brain to run both hemispheres.
course a very important element in improving the level of IQ is diet. We are the ones who decide what you in our body. This food nourishes our minds. If it is low in vitamins and minerals that our level of concentration can be reduced. Same level of intelligence will not be as high as we wanted. First, drink lots of water. It is essential for brain function. Open the daily nuts, fish, vegetables and fruits, whole wheat bread. Meals should be varied. Do not forget
physical exercise, preferably outdoors, just inflate the brain. It is running or swimming. There may be other sports. The choice is yours.

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