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Ways to have a good memory

. Ways to have a good memory This allows the brain to record our experiences, we can not function normally

brain to record our experiences, we can function normally good memory is useful not only in school but in life, memory capacity diminishes with age, however, because the brain needs exercise ... Besides, you need appropriate Food explore ways to improve memory, learn faster, do not write what you have to do
reading your imagination run - .. create in your mind maps, images and associations - to run both hemispheres of the brain Learn alternately light and heavy materials, avoid discouragement and fatigue Boredom kills the ability to remember if you feel terrible fatigue that is not manageable - .. go for a walk, eat, drink Relax for a while .. Remember that the brain is able to work effectively, needs oxygen. not avoid so that fresh air.
Start with a small number of things in memory, stores phone numbers and book titles jokes told by a friend. Its great exercise. not treat this as another thing to remember, but as something new to learn. youre more curious about the world, open and creative, memory becomes more effective.
not zarywaj night. Scientists have proven that the brain works better when the body is relaxed and rested. Sen. stronger links between nerve cells, which is useful for learning and memory. During sleep, the unconscious separation also received information during the day. So, do not put off learning for the night.
working brain has a very large impact on the proper nutrition of each food eaten a few spoonfuls of the brain absorbs the diet should be rich products that contain vitamins B and C , E, and micronutrients - ... iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, an important group of foods to provide omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin and glucose.
not overdo stimulants. Instead of coffee during the study drink green tea or fresh juice. memory can improve plant preparations containing ginseng, lecithin, borage oil. and extract from Ginkgo biloba
When you learn to only their left brains Try to run properly -. creative -. that every day is ignored Her agitation increased cognitive skills and the ability remember .. the easiest way to absorb knowledge, when both hemispheres are synchronized so practice the right hemisphere of right-handed if you -. try to do simple things with your left hand - brushing teeth, soft start -. try to climb the steps back - just be careful -. write draw with both hands simultaneously. Learn how to juggle three balls, then the teaching will be an effort for the right hemisphere.

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