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What You Need references and footnotes?

? What would bibliographies and footnotes How many times have you wondered how it should look bibliography Are the notes you used cut points for assessing After all, the appearance of references and footnotes, though immanent humanities, is in fact a very precise nature

How many times have you wondered how it should look bibliography Are the notes you used cut points for assessing After all, the appearance of references and footnotes, although the imminent social sciences, there are actually very close in nature, researchers often?. Small, really hold of this phenomenon. Perhaps this is understandable, perhaps bureaucratic, but unfortunately it can not be changed, should be adjusted. After all, if you look at things objectively, exactly in the bibliography can not look to us to help you find the book. As long as we do not fall into paranoia and footnotes are not important lows merytoryka work, we ensure their proper appearance.
Before you create bibliographies and want / and see what it looks like there could be little confusion. will be able to / be able to see that the notes from different books have different This is because many schools are preparing a bibliography
If so, I have to choose - ..? ask
answer to that question. was. Actually, it does not matter
Each school is In fact all the good that remains in force and is the first principle of creating a consistent look bibliographical footnotes If you choose to school, do not forget that you can not give it up .. and each note and bibliography in general must be written in the same manner.
There are different ways of decorating the footnotes and bibliography. Normally footnotes at the bottom of the page. You can do it in Word as follows, click on the tabs
Insert Reference Footnote.
In some cases , footnotes at the end of work, but the first method is certainly clear to the reader.
bibliography contains the footnote at the end when it is not proper place -. if, of course, is not required -. But in the larger works or scientific books, put the two things
How, then, should look like. note what and where the water While there are many schools here will try to describe an example of the most popular and cover all the important information Lets say we use the book The Catcher in the Rye Salinger -? . I am quoting here, as I always put quotes and footnotes, as in the case of paraphrase -
Footnote should read.
a JD Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Sparks, Warsaw 1961, page 69
As you can see at the beginning of the authors name appears with the initials of the name, then the title in italics, not in quotes - and then the name of publisher, place and year of publication - without the comma, and Web site from which quotation is taken.

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