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How to get to work

How to get to work Who among us does not know this state, when we know how much liability hanging over us, as we still treasure the world but we can not get to work

Who among us does not know this state, when we know how much liability hanging over us, as we still treasure the world but we can not get to work wanders from edge to edge. Hold any other classes that can be postpone work with what you actually do. This feeling is familiar to almost everyone, and how to deal with an attack of laziness.
Try to distribute the work in time, divide the whole in a few days or even weeks, if necessary, and follow what you must do this day in smaller parts do not overwhelm you so much, and the vision of rapid completion of work should give a little to mobilize, even at the level of desire. drum and its forward. But if you ignore
classes, or had a surplus, while at the same time skumulowaƂo many things, no time for self-pity. At this point, it is essential to strengthen ourselves and move forward strongly.
Make realistic goals
Register realistic goals, even those May be a little harsh, but it should always be feasible. Forgot example that in one hour will be open to all sort of securities, there is a good chance that a sense of order, will make us able to achieve this goal. If you clear the time in which we stand Our subconscious mind will do everything possible to do it.
not ask excuses, once at the beginning and take a supply of sandwiches and tea or coffee, and then bind the table and try to throw herself into her work to get you hooked for the rest. do not exclude, however, rest, youre every two hours 15 minutes break to brew the next batch of tea, peeping through the window, etc. Do not extend, however, this time indefinitely, even after 12 minutes, forced to sit at his desk they still give yourself three minutes to straighten your back, pulling it up and get to work again.
work environment free of distractions, turn off the TV and radio, since then, although they are not aware of this problem, forced listening to the radio part of your mind focused on it and distracts you. and you need at the moment as the most optimal conditions for the concentration.
In times of crisis, when youre ready to drop everything and give yourself peace, think about how relieved and happy that you are after and fulfillment of all obligations.
Unfortunately, nothing will do without a strong will, you know you do not want, but you have, whether its time for work, study for a test, or clean the house before the guests arrive. If zepniesz themselves are able to do virtually everything.

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