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Education and Psychology the category in which you can find all about the care of children, ADHD in children, high conflict divorce and children, business intelligence, ethics in the workplace, distance learning, internet etiquette, communication training...


How to mark the thesis

How to mark the thesis bibliography and notes to lend authenticity to the work of authors publications, are proof that the work is not plagiarized

Bibliography and notes
lend authenticity to the work of authors publications, are proof that the work is not plagiarized Today, the Internet era, many people deliberately copy or duplicate the work of others, which is in line s. Law they violate the principles of ethics of writing in all its aspects - journalistic, scientific, artistic, journalistic - .. Proper application is the guarantor of notes written work alone are not footnotes in written work can undermine your credibility
for safekeeping. inconvenience that may result from not following the basic principles it is the spelling worth recalling the formula looks like a footnote in each edition
examples of the book:
.. 1 - I. Iwasiów, kind of mean .... Lectures Szczecin, WAB, Warsaw 2004
2 - Iwasiów, I - 2004 - Sex Intermediate Lectures Szczecin Warsaw: .. wab - the title is always in italics -
translated books:
1 - JL Austin, speech and learning, edited by B. Chwedończuk, PWN, Warsaw
1993 2 - Austin, JL - 1993 - Speech and Learning - B. Chwedończuk, trans - ...... Warsaw: PWN - titles in italics -
articles in collective volumes.
1 - J . Bator, Lacanian phallus, that is, man and child pornography, in: From woman to man and back again: reflections on the gender. Culture, edited by J. Brach-Czaina, trans-Humana and Bialystok, 1997
2 - Bator J. - 1997 -. Lacanian phallus, or male and pornography in J. Brach-Czaina -. Ed -. of woman to man and back again: reflections on gender in the culture of Białystok: a. Trans Humana - titles in italics -
article in the collective volume translation:
1 - J. Habermas, Modernity - an incomplete project, trans M. Lukasiewicz, in postmodernism anthology of translations, edited by R. Nycz, Aries and Suszczyński, Krakow 1998
2 - .. Habermas J. - 1998 -. modernism - an unfinished project -. M. Lukasiewicz, switching - The R. Nycz - ed - Postmodernism anthology of translations Krakow: ..... Aries and Szuszczyński - titles in italics -
article in the journal .
1 - J. Bator, gender democracy, Gazeta Wyborcza 1999, No. 147, June 26-27, page 20 - only the article title in italics -
2 - Bator, J. - 1999, 26 -27 June - .. Sex Gazeta Wyborcza Democracy, No 147, pp. 20 - only the title of the newspaper in italics -
article in the journal, except for the log.
1 - J. Mizielińska, why do we need a reflection of art perspectives of philosophy, Res Publica Nowa 1997, No. 9, pp. 35-39 -. only article title in italics -
2 - Mizielińska, J. - 1997 -. Why do we need art thinking from the perspective of philosophy of Res Publica Nowa , No. 9, pp. 35-39 .. - just a newspaper headline in italics -
translated the article in the journal.
1 - Butler, writing on the body, Dialogue, 2003, No. 10, pp. 94 -106 -. article title in italics -
2 - Butler, J. - 2003 -. Writing on the body -. I. Dust, ed - .. Dialogue, No. 10, pp. 94-106 -. name of the journal italics -

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