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How to make a good presentation in PowerPoint

How to make a good presentation in PowerPoint multimedia presentations have become part of everyday life in schools and colleges

Multimedia presentations have become part of everyday life in schools and colleges, teachers and professors used to depict the material is often the task of creating a presentation for Zak, who often make presentations to the face. Ready to talk about the challenges of work. How do presentation, which meets the requirements of the audience, and yet allow us to talk?
Do not overdo the amount of slides. It all depends of course on what you want to submit the material on it, but I never try to put everything on slides. No deals around 50 scattered sites, the fact that only 20 students will begin to fidget, and 40 did not openly show their interest.
Do not overdo it with the text! very important thing that many people forget: be informative presentation misses the entire text of the mass upchnięcie one slide, and the most common in the world of reading
slide should be about issues and the passwords that are easy to talk with you!. and students and may help you remember the quote. presentation is to rely on the fact that the views of the slide so
Keep the font size and font. presentation slides of the same individual should be consistent. If you do not use the finished project, be sure to keep the same font, capitalization, and wyśrodkowaniu text.
Each presentation should start .. Title slide which is on display and can add great color photo on the end of the presentation set up a bibliography and list of sources from which we used in the preparation of presentation
last slide, we thank the audience for your attention and sign - signature can also be put , the first slide with the title -.

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