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What to study to have a job?

What to study to have a job magistrach Jokes about Polish workers in the kitchen in the UK have long ceased to entertain, as it turned out to be real?

Magistrach Jokes about Polish workers in the kitchen in the UK have long ceased to entertain, because they are too real Unfortunately, the achievement of higher education today, not everyone is guaranteed to find work and have the hardest job in the profession. In fact, no area Research does not guarantee a quick job, but there are a few rules to keep in mind to increase your chances for profit.
Public school first!
estimates, enough to graduate, won the state university, more than a Master program with very good , resulting in a private school. Of course, there are several private universities, which have gained a good reputation and the degree is not ignored by employers. However, all inventions with different names, offering big discounts, thousands of high-speed lines, are actually waste of time and money. In many companies in recruitment for the pre-selection has already rejected a biography, which are written in little-known private colleges.
choosing a private school, try to see the rankings and opinions about it. good for any or no money better spent on a part-time study in public schools and courses to improve skills.
selection direction.
course should be directed to the personal interests and preferences. However, if we want well-paid jobs in the future and we have the capacity for science , technical direction to choose, because they guarantee a high level of employment. Studying at the Polytechnic certainly not an easy activity, but requires a lot of perseverance and hard work, but ensures the achievement of a good education and future-oriented profession.
still in prices are also health, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine. However, to reach any of them have already started to work in high school certificates in the competition to start with a high score.
Act is a good choice for humanists, but be aware that science will be a long and arduous, demanding, forging of entire books by heart, of course, assuming that we get in this direction.
specialized designers and developers, as a general science for a little longer it seems. Graphics is a good choice for people who love art and have a sense of beauty and imagination.
pedagogy, psychology, economics, tourism and recreation These are the lines along which a few years ago, almost everyone wanted to go. So a big boom meant that all the jobs in these professions are already occupied, and the mass of ice remaining true experts in these areas. These are the guidelines for the time being worthless, and does not keep a real passion and desire to know precisely in this area, are not recommended by the consultant.

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