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How to find books in the Library University Library ?

How to find books in the Library

University Library is the place to look him hundreds of thousands of people, students at Warsaw University students and graduates and graduates of other departments and appreciate access to library resources, unfortunately, especially at the beginning of things .. BUWu user, it is difficult for us to move the library and its catalog. Practically, we can not find what youre looking for. What is true for UW students to train in the library, but I did not really explain it, then everyone has to discover a new university library. do this because of this Article, which briefly explains how to use library resources and directories. way to issue a few interesting facts about the books and at the same place.
Before we go into BUWu, we detach the entrance. used for this purpose, library cards, so that the student ID or library card ticket for one day admission to the day we get to the right, in the data there, too, we ask that you activate your card as a library card If you have forgotten or do not want to do it, you enter the correct UW Libraries - ... that after the entry into the stairs - .., led by the left when the window stand, where you can activate the card and get a card
Once we activate your account, we can start looking for books How to do the best on the Internet. University Library catalog, through which we can find books in the home straight. enroll in the University library catalog search, and go to it. The library itself is available directly on each computer.
Then run fast, type the search term, what we are looking for. It can be title, author, and a password. Below we indicate in which sectors will be looking for the phrase. If you are looking for a magazine, we can notice that the system is seen only in the magazines section. same with books. If you are looking for information regardless of their source, put a mark everywhere
When you click search, jump from the items available to us over the titles we
Number Available: 1, ie, how many copies of the book is available at: University Library free access, or where available - The University Library Catalog includes the university library, so for example, if a copy is available at the Department of Applied Linguistics, we have to go there - if we are not going to move from BUWu we are interested in the possibilities .. *
University Library * Free access
Educational Book Collection University Library - located on the second floor, at the very end - as seen from the main staircase -.
* BUW Magazine - The fact that in this case we have to book a reservation online and will not be available immediately -.
find the position that interests us, we must click on the card copy - 2 - .. on the right side, and come to us describing the position of the books available
see first, what is where the book If this location BUW free access, and status is available, it means that we can go looking for books We then write the data from the position of the signature WD / Comments
eg N5301 A78 1990 T.9 Part 1, - .. What this means this shortcut?
N BUWu division. In this case it is an art. We have to go to the map library, and then to the appropriate department. Once you find it, we must find the right subdivision, and N5301. A78 is a copy number. T.9 1990 Part 1 -. year of publication, volume, part
Once you find the book, we must check whether the description of the blue or red background, red, it means that even that opportunity. rent , we can not take home a copy. This is possible only if the book is marked in blue. In this case, we can take with you. Otherwise, we go down and go to rent, located on the right side - looking at exit -.

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