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How to effectively read reading

How to effectively read read read the bane of students, especially if their story is not interesting for them

are the bane of students, especially if their story is not interesting for them is hard to remember a good book to read with disgust Here are some ways that will be easier to get through

... Prepare flashcards in different colors and select the relevant sections of the book, any other color, for example, the characteristics of heroes -. green, the most important events - pink, important quotes - yellow, etc. Write on each summary, as appropriate, for example, the heros name will be meant its properties .
Write the most important themes and motifs. It is best if you wouuld read as a detailed plan for the event with a record of which pages are the key moments. easier it will be returned to them when the time comes true from the board.
Write down the time and place action.
descriptions of nature is rarely useful for Polish hours. If they are very long and tedious, skip it, unless youre a fan of Tolkien, and you just enjoy.
reading reading, be aware of what time or what What happens to share. Remember what the characteristic times of these and what are the most important historical events took place then. View the reading after some processing. Sometimes I read the reading, not something you do or do not notice a problem. And May you find that one Polish teacher is really interested.
limited to the works themselves, instead of reading the book is very risky. Teachers usually know these tools and they know perfectly well what is not in them and how to bend the patient.
even less feeling is the replacement of reading development Power Point presentation or paper. It may happen to be the case that the object, which is extremely dislike
Try to systematically prepare for class - if you disregard the entire semester like the item before the session can get a panic attack and this attack is not bad przyswoisz not.
speakers at the consultation. If you are the subject of a specific problem, you can ask for an explanation of certain issues, or at least an indication of additional material.
As for materials, teachers sometimes choose positions completely understandable for them, but do not fully understand the average student. If you are just trying to get through this book, and you go to the top, look for the appropriate item for the second author. Check if this is the second book has the same problem.
Time spent in college is not just time spent in college, but also przyuczelnianych pubs. This is the most positive aspect of study, however, that sometimes you have to interrupt classes.
well, but it is very easy to think on paper. You sit on it a good few months and will be much better if you will, but he is interested.
If the study day, think about moving on in his absence. It is always easier to participate in all those boring classes every two weeks rather than every day. Besides the easier you will gain experience in the workplace
with great disgust, if you think about the next class. And its not popular because of the accident, which is lazy - and I really do not see there - think about changing direction. It is not always true bother, but it is always worth trying.

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