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How to write an article

How to write a thesis each student last year, faced with the challenge

last year, each student is faced with a challenge at first she thought it might make us tremble, but with time it seems that fear has big eyes and is not such a bad example for writing a good preparation for ... and the correct approach
First, select the appropriate topic suitable to the one that interests you - .. after you spend a lot of time on its development, so it is worth, what you liked this theme and one that is ranging from professional promoters. If you have a problem with him coming, talk with your supervisor, tell him what interests you and you will find a solution and obmyślicie topic.
intercepts figure out how to access materials. Even the most interesting subject, if there is a very large problem in finding the literature, will be finally exhausting. But the possibilities are really a lot of books, newspapers, documents, internet, statistics, brochures, publications, analysis, documentaries, reports, legislation, and many others.
make a plan. can write without it lead to some confusion, contempt, repeat. Check out what detail to include in each chapter.
writes most original work of the chapter, or substance, and only then proceed to the beginning and end. Although it is obvious that we write at the end of completion, while In the event no longer start. However, if youve already written a paper will be easier for you to write what you want to write. butter butter, but I really do not always manage to implement a plan to end.
Remember footnotes. put it every time go to the item. There is no such thing as too many footnotes. Their greater amount reflects just your commitment. Remember that footnote is your only defense against plagiarism.
If you use the Internet, in a footnote, the address, date and place is essential reading . its just the internet, the site one day is not second - or alter content - also, if something changes, always defended that day looked like this page so and so
format the text in accordance with the requirements of the university if
want .. to put in their working drawings, graphs, tables, etc., contact with the supervisor, whether in the appropriate places in the body of work, or attached to it.
exhausted the subject.
used correctly and formally Polish. theory has no place in colloquial words.
Be consistent. If, for example, changing something in the text, do not use one one digit of the word record. Choose one way.
If I quote something, be sure to check out to use someone elses words
Home Remember Its design is usually available to students of the institution It should contain: the name of ... university, college, field of study, title of paper, your name, an indication of promoters, place and year of operation.
Page numbering starts from the assumption, not on the front page or the table of contents.
If required by the university, work should include a statement saying that the work was written by himself. Such a statement is usually placed after the title page.

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