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How to write poetry

How to write poetry Poetry is a short work written in verse, and so-called

are short works written in verse, so the condition is usually relieved Poetry is very personal, written under the influence of emotions dealing with feelings and emotions people Poetry is probably a form of expression that gives the greatest freedom ..... then of course, was and still makes it so much. not mean that everything we write is just poetry. There are some guidelines in spite of this freedom. So how to go about writing poetry?
u Everywhere carry a pen and paper. / u Every artist should know that inspiration can come when you least expect it. And thats what usually happens. You stand and wait for the bus, swimming, writing exams, running on a dinner, etc. And then, if you are on the tide of inspiration to have access notebook and write something. There is great danger that you will remember what you came to mind. Save this!
u Remember metaphor. / u If you do not know a lot of little See here and there. in the library or the Internet. Use them in speech, to hear how they sound. He catches the metaphor tells his friends. Think about them often and strive to become more beautiful and eloquent. After some time the use becomes a natural thing for you.
u rich vocabulary is very useful if want to write poetry. / u A lot of reading, writing these words. Learn to them. Check their meaning may have more than one. Listen to other people, pay attention to your words. Practice new words in speech.
u Use your imagination. / u This is the kind of power of poetry. Knowing how to describe different objects or states can not learn książkowo. must feel. describing things in words that no one else to describe them. be aware of all their senses, hearing, smell , sight, touch. Try to feel what you write. Become his pen. Put yourself in the fantasy world through the eyes of an object or situation that you describe.
u reading poetry. / u Read all the time. And its not far from here is to copy and learn anything by heart. inspired by other authors. Learn the different styles to find your own. Read the classic poets, but romantic and modern. You do not know how much you can learn from all them. Read the Polish poet, but also to achieve the language of poetry. read poetry, published anonymously in the Internet.
u collect opinions. / u Ask questions about the people, listening to them talk, keep talking. you need to find a reference point to know the positive and negative side of things. Do not be afraid. Poetry requires attention and courage.

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