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How to find a roommate

How to find a roommate moving to another city to study or work and no money to rent an entire apartment in this case, you need to find a roommate

Moved to another city to study or work and no money to rent an entire apartment in this case, you need to find a roommate Finding a good roommate, however, can be even harder than finding good and affordable housing. So how do to go about it? How to find someone who speaks and avoid the cats tearing at each
u Ask your friends / u
First, ask around among friends , or any of them looking for roommate It may be people in your town, go to the studio where you are, people who are studying right now -. may be dissatisfied with the current situation in the apartment -., people from work, etc. Remember to be the best to live with someone who you know
seafront Look
friends of friends / u

Ask your friends asking his friends. friends of friends is also a much better choice than foreigners. ask your friends that have given a description of yourself GG looking for roommate for a partner, ask them to make available a list on the wall on Facebook. ask among your friends if you have 50 friends, they know that they each have at least 50 of their friends - a total of 2,500 people
u rent the whole apartment, make a casting and podnajmij rooms / u
Rent my apartment and give notice - at colleges, websites - you have to rent a room if the house has four rooms that you remove .. third in each of three rooms you can put on 1-2 people How do you hope, that in itself will not be home to pay anything - the cost of renting the whole apartment will meet your roommate, however, remember that in this case the rent. for an apartment and you do not answer -. for state and peaceful
This solution is also a plus that you can decide on who sublet rooms so you can organize the casting - .. looking at people, asking about their habits - Do you smoke if you drink a lot of his hair What time will be at home -? .. If the phone is easy to lie, to live a little above the eyes
* If you want to sublet room, you must sign a lease with the owner who does not prohibit the sublease -. all or part of a dwelling

seafront listings on the Internet / u

As a last resort in finding roommates are advertising on the Internet. why last? You never know who will report to you and what will be the intention. Do not know who you are and what each other is. not know anyone who knows a special person, so that no one arm behind her. You can only trust her word for it. But if you are looking for a roommate on the Internet to try to make that person is your sex. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations.

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