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How to teach your child a foreign language spelling

How to teach spelling in a foreign language spelling of a foreign language can be a challenge

foreign language can be a challenge, for example, English words are spelled differently but pronounced quite differently than in the Polish How, then, to practice English vocabulary with your child - ... And not only - not discouraged to learn new language? It must first enrich your child to learn and do not let them get bored with it. Science Spelling is a new experience for children. letters that make words do not always make sense, and the exceptions are many. How Approaches to Teaching Spelling to be easily and comfortable?
Make a game that consists of memory. Children love to play. In any case, except for any form of the game is cool and comfortable. Learn through play. Students will not even notice when you learn to spell. a memory game find similar words, or words to simply match themselves. Print words on pieces of paper and turn them so they could see the words. let players discover the two cards, if the words do not match the turn card back. if they match, the player can take them yourself. The winner is the player who collects the most pairs of words.
of Dual learn through. It is a method that consists of reading words and their spelling. Say the word, let him be a student again and try to save it. It also shows students the words are strategy and ask them to spell.
Encourage students to play in online games spellingowe. There are many games that encourage thinking at different levels. from this game include the keypad, you must write the correct word. Online games can rely on the addition of the missing letters in a word, write the word correctly, or arrangement of letters in a word thrown around.
practice and practice again. be much to read and write. This saves the easiest and quickest. including additional science language games, we can count on quick results. course The key to success is regular science and consistency.
Arrange exercise in which students will have to choose one of the correct version of the word. May This exercise will be multiple choice. Say the word adjective szukanym impossible. Give students three variants of the word first impposible, 2 , 3 immposible impossible. you decide which record is correct.
You can also pick up a rung. Print the definition of the word. the student will not only write the correct word, but first youll have to find what a word.

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