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How to prepare your child to school

How to prepare your child for school every holiday you ever stop and you will need to send their child to school

Each vacation you ever stop and you will need to send their children to school, it may not always be a child and for us - financially - as it is, but one has to develop this stuff for the baby this time too .. sometimes difficult. So, how to properly prepare our comfort in the school? Here are some simple tips. I hope you find them useful.
start to prepare your child to school, a few weeks earlier. slowly starting to wake up earlier earlier and before the child will become accustomed to waking up again in the morning, some of which already have a safe time to get your child to rest. Have your child put it earlier if it has a tendency to sit up all night.
plan of baby equipment in the school. Do not threaten school children, it is not the point. distinguish the prices of books, buy books and school supplies. If your childs backpack but is worn, consider buying a new backpack. View the childs wardrobe. Maybe some clothes already grown up, and youll have to buy in New Share school clothes on these gifts, those for the economy and good for walking. Let your child try on every ciuszek before you decide on which lies a pile of it.
If your child goes to school for the first time, or going to a new school , plan to visit the school together weeks before the start of the school year. do it alone after school trip, let your child to become familiar with new place where you spend most of their days.
If your child will ride the bus, plan a good way to school. ride with the child several times along the route. Show him where to get off and how to walk to school. Remember the rules for crossing the road and talk to strangers.
Help your child in those first days. Wrap them in custody. Let them not feel alone.
Celebrate the first day of school. go out together for ice cream or prepare a special dinner.

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