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How to encourage your child to read

How to encourage your child to read in modern times, a time dominated by TVs, computers, video games and DVD movies, reading books belong to the background

These days, a time dominated by TVs, computers, video games and DVD movies, reading books belong to the background it is natural that the modern world, a rich visual invention, it is more attractive than traditional books for children .. However, no computer, or DVD will not replace reading - Books psychologists say expand the imagination, the exercise of memory, learning focus, enrich vocabulary and help develop an interest Read these tips to learn how you can separate the child from the TV screen or computer .. and bring it into the fascinating world of print words!
Scientists are unanimous about the fact that the most important factor is that a child from an early age was positively adjusted book. Show your child so that you read the book. Co. In addition, the show that makes you great pleasure.
Forcing a child to read does not have the desired effect instead. discouraged baby books. does not require our children to read on. pilnujmy But reading is not neglected. Some families have introduced so-called. reading time. point is that the whole family to gather together and read books , to discuss them. This is a very cool thing. Even if your child is resistant and reluctant, he knows that this time is designed to read and must interrupt their other activities.
called Enter. pocket money on books. Once a month Give your child a predetermined amount for which the child will have to buy the book. Returning praise the new purchase. If your branch is interested in fantasy themes, for example, will gather in this way, a nice collection of books on this subject. If
want, you can run magazine subscription for your child. For example, the National Geographic collection. Zachęcisz child not only read but also to explore the world.
free child reads. Reading aloud is one of the biggest incentives. Older brothers and sisters can be read under. Even if your branch is no longer a teenager and thinks its a shame when he would grab a newspaper to read a book while browsing and begin a leisurely read aloud the articles.
Organize your home library. Well, if you take your childs room a few shelves for books. will continue to have them on the screen, and soon or late the temptation to reach for it later.
child visit the library. Show him how fascinating world of books! Introduce your child
librarians. Some help in encouraging your child to read. Let it will display the library. will talk about books. help you find something interesting. Make sure your child visits the library and school librarian knows the peasant.
Encourage your child to read in every way! Help in choosing the proper reading, appropriate ages and interests the child.
If your child started reading the book, but I do not want to end up do not worry. be subjected to it not responding? Well, I do not believe that you have read to the end of all the books that you had in your hands.
Buy the book for themselves. Allow your child to look at them, to show him that you read it, talk about them with interest.
If a child comes to you and want to read, do not declare it empty-handed. sit and listen patiently. see You get more than you think.
przyuważyć that the child reads the articles or e-books on the Internet. Tell him that much better solution, and so much healthier for your eyes to read the same on paper.
is very important that children have their own interest or hobby. Help him to develop them with books.
his glory, for each child read a book or article difficult. to encourage him more.
Talk to your child about the books you read. Keep in mind what is read. Ask if the child liked reading in school and why.
Look for programs that encourage reading.

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