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How to teach your child to read fluently

How to teach your child to read fluently soon as computers and televisions began to celebrate the triumphs reading dropped value

.... As soon as computers and televisions began to celebrate the victory of the devaluation of reading probably would have been so still, that did not appear in the Harry Potter sad but true you have to instill a love of books for children How has swallowed hook, quickly can not get rid of it. Unfortunately, in most cases, parents do not have time to spend with your child time and practice reading with him. So, sometimes, even if your child is interested in reading, lack of parental involvement in the reading process will discourage child taken further, single trial. Parents should realize that the ability to read fluently is important as I read. errors that make reading should be taken immediately. Do not allow to become a habit. Parents can do much to help your child learn to read fluently.
u Learn to read accurately. / u Listen to what your child reads. In this way you will be able to recognize the error, it undertakes. If a child has problems with speech sounds of certain words, take this for him and correct it. Encourage your child to enrich vocabulary. glory every time a child will use the new słóww conversation.
u Read to your child every day. / u Regular Reading aloud increases childrens abilities in a statement to enrich their vocabulary and interest in books.
Surround your child with books. / u

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