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How to keep the school

How to survive in school This is quite natural that for some students school is boring, colorless, stressful, or seemingly worthless

It is quite natural that for some students school is boring, colorless, stressful and seemingly worthless often happens that children and young people do not want to go to school for various reasons, can not endure. Here are tips how to sit still in school and not be delayed. Nothing
Putting all the later usually does not lead to anything good. student who has not completed or even worse, he does not even work at home, will be avoid going to school because they fear the consequences and problems that may be because of this.
Remember for later deposition causes stress. This is because students who have homework at the last minute work under pressure and they are tired.
most cases, good planning is sufficient. helps to overcome the belief that everything you do is enough time. By setting priorities and the detailed planning tasks, you can save a lot more time than you ever thought that you have.
example of good planning is work on the project. Suppose that the execution of the project have a month. plan that every night for its implementation can spend 30 minutes and an hour devoted to homework. This solution is much less stressful than doing a project at the last minute for 6 hours.
Do not apply to too much pressure.
Do not worry about the results of the experiment. Remember that if you performed the experiment correctly, you need not worry about it. No matter what will be its results, as long as you have nothing to blame yourself and think positively. If the result is still unsatisfactory, the next time you try more.
resist peer pressure. Otherwise, it will always look to others. Remember to always be yourself and follow your convictions.
ask for help.
If you have a problem with an assignment Do not be afraid to ask for help. Ask your parents, older siblings or friends to talk to you something you do not understand. Maybe someone else will explain the matter better and more accessible. If
whatever help parents and brothers and sisters still do not understand something, go to the teacher before the lesson and ask them to explain again.
If more children can not understand a question, ask the professor after class to class in the organization who will be able to break their doubts.
Subscribe to the circle.
Sometimes, children are happy to participate in activities organized by the school, if they are interesting and learn something interesting for them. Feel free to join the academic circles, or just suggest a club-based foundation, such as common hobby. This is a great way to make new friends. It is, however, to ensure that the teacher wants to be your guardian, and all parents agree to participate in childrens extracurricular activities.
be curious about the world, join the group of organic or biological circles. so you can learn how to profitably use their free time and guarantee you a mental and intellectual development.
Familiarize yourself with your surroundings.
The Company will make you feel good about school. Colleagues and friends are great support groups and Thanks to them is becoming a better place.
Be careful when dealing with other people. You can feel the difference between true friends and pseudo-colleagues who want to find yourself in trouble. absolutely avoid all forms of violence at school, do not engage in combat and lively discussion.
Remember that school is not a prison. You can joke with colleagues or break the ball on the ground. should set clear, however, the line between pure entertainment and jokes that can harm other students.
go slightly over the long break . you can listen to music, chat with friends or read. will help you to relax and reduce stress.
Have a positive attitude towards life. negative attitude increased stress. When you look at things from another perspective, it may be that it is not as bad as what you thought.
Ignore the criticism and negative attitudes of others. Determine the difference between constructive criticism and insults. Do not be stressful and cause a negative perception of themselves and those of their immediate surroundings.
Set yourself a goal. good way to motivate himself to ask yourself a goal and achieving it despite adversity.

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