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How to store information

How to store the information you need to learn a lot and you have to remember a lot of new information Studying for hours, but they often do not remember what you learn if you want to learn faster and remember more, read this article?

You have a lot of learning and you have to remember a lot of new information Studying for hours, but they often do not remember what you learn if you want to learn faster and remember more, read this article you will find tips on how to better store different data.
very effective way of structuring information compiled complete, which are color-coded map of the memory material. This map will help you see the overall structure of the subject and to see relationships between information. most prominent point
5-Protagoras-bees Street digested the proton of an isolated atom.
6-Socrates-brick falling on the sheep for the juice through the bars. .
7-Platonic heaven where the angels have wings like silver PLATery
8-Aristotle-frame skipped riding on horseback by the aristocracy
9-Zeno-line for Zen Buddhist meditation
10th. - Epicurus-flu epidemic spread by birds.
this method may initially appear to be quite complicated, but if you choose the proper words to the information you need to remember certainly turns out to be extremely simple and effective. Another way of reminding
to data stored in the form of points is a technique that is based on the fact that you remember the number to imagine an object that has a shape similar to the figure. Then point associates with the information you need to remember
Forms assigned digits.
1-candles, spears, sticks
2-swan, nose, neck bent
3-glasses, a piece of heart
4-5-hook in the butcher shops, sea horse
6 brazen
time for cooking eggs
9-bubble with lace
10-hole, burrow
Of course, if this association does not appeal to you, you can use your own that you think are better for the next digit. Now just connect these items as in-line with information technology for memory. Similarly
these methods is the technique of traveling, but I always think of large groups of information, especially if they remember the sequence of great importance. You can only use your daily route to school or work.
1-2-eat breakfast
leave the house pass the 4-door neighbor
5 stores, pass it to pass
reach bus stop, etc.
Depending on how much information you need to remember so many sights along the route. Assign points for each of the information, so we never forget the proper order.
Travel Thanks to technology, and perfect if you can see all the stored data. In this system, you can connect to details such as photos or buildings. Alternatively, you can remember, such as historic buildings, assigning them any information.
Different techniques will enable you to recover the memory of all the information during the exam. You can use several techniques at one time so you do not miss any information.

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