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Free software for learning English

. Free Software for Learning English Learning English can be easy and fun

Learning English can be easy and fun to the network, there are many programs to assist this process, checking the well-especially when learning vocabulary Below is a list of free programs for learning English:

.. .. in Pytacz Master / u
training program for vocabulary words are divided into different categories, so it is easier to learn the thematic blocks of the word program is divided into two parts. Science - answering the question is answered correctly - and. test - The only chance the correct answer - Pytacz works in such a way that the word appears, add to its meaning - from English into Polish and vice versa -
for download at:. / b / broolion / pobieralnia.html
u your teacher. / u
program for learning vocabulary and other material, in order to question and answer. You can quickly store large amounts of information and materials have dropped. fixed
can be downloaded at at.
u DSpeech / u
program, which, according to a letter written in English text It is also possible to record your own sounds and comparison, if our pronunciation is similar to the original application has the ability to highlight the current word read
can be downloaded at: ... / eng study seafront
words. / u
program for learning English words. You have the opportunity to present its database of words, which then learns to test. In addition, the program has an option to set the time to answer questions and random print words as an indication
for download at: ..
seafront English words 1.0 / u
program allows you to study whole sets of words - a database with more / U
program for learning vocabulary in English and German. Learning takes place in a test from a selected set of words. Depending on the degree of mastery of words, we can choose a good, medium, bad. If you choose the wrong or average It appears at least once. program can create their own tests in which questions and answers can be not only a word, but the whole sentence
can be downloaded at:. security / projects / wkuwacz

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