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How to choose a school

How to choose a school choice primary school should be taken into account

school choice should take into account the theory of elementary schools in the catchment areas, in practice, but if you look you can save your child to the school of your choice Here are some tips on what to look for when selecting elementary school

Think about what you feel you are doing in school. Is it well maintained and equipped? a playground and a gym? If so, what state? the building and it was clear around? Is It Safe?
whether children go on field trips, visits to churches, museums, attend the shows? Children also learn better world. Learn how they encouraged to be active and creative work.
Find out what teachers expect and what their requirements . Are the assessment criteria are clear? not apply to students with respect, and not allowing yourself to get into your head? Do children express about their teachers with respect, or at most has melted and act with impunity? Check
teachers do their job and whether they like it. If they are well motivated and involved in decisions in matters of school they probably work gives them satisfaction. teacher who loves his job and its terms, is a good teacher. Learn about the collaboration of teachers with each other and the relationship between them .
See how it is equipped with living room, library, computer room and gymnasium. Are the rooms in question are appropriate teaching aids? furniture is suitable for their age?
school organizes excursions and entertainment? involved in local initiatives Are
groups and extracurricular activities? good school should help children develop a passion.
Consider also, if you prefer to school or simply integration. With the integration of the school your child will learn to live a normal life and be friends with people sick and infirm . Such schools have received better medical care.

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