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How to become an au pair

How to be an au pair intends to work as an au pair abroad and learn a foreign language fluently Below youll find what you need to meet the requirements?

intends to work as an au pair abroad and learn a foreign language fluently Below youll find out what conditions should be met regardless of whether you want to be an au pair in Italy, France, Germany or the USA? ... There a few basic requirements you should fulfill
ideal candidate should be aged 18-26 years and enjoy good health should have a drivers license - Zawóz children and their incomes from school, grocery shopping, etc. -.
experience in caring for children - .. especially tiny babies and preschool children and the creative management skills to organize their time requires a basic knowledge of foreign languages ​​
to get a job as an elite Au. couple - is associated with higher wages - you must complete additional requirements must be at least two years of study related to development / child care for children or min two years documented experience working with children, including 200 hours of care for children from 0 .. - 2 years.
ask the au pair and must perform minor tasks such as preparing meals for the children, cleaning their rooms, or wash clothes. be the responsibility of organizing the day for the kids and having fun with them.
In an interview with the family should ask about all the obligations and requirements. You should also demonstrate a willingness to work and good intentions.
find a company that is a member of the International Association IAPA Au Pair Agencies.

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