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How to transfer pictures from phone to computer

Need to transfer photos from phone to computer, but do not know how. There are several ways to transfer images from phone to computer.

Need to transfer photos from phone to computer, but do not know how. There are several ways to transfer images from mobile phones to kompjuter.Jedan way is to transfer files via Bluetooth. To flip the image via Bluetooth, you need a Bluetooth adapter on your PC or laptop. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and select the photo you want to switch. Click on Options, Send via Bluetooth. Below are scans of all devices. Once you find the mobile-gear select it. In the first transfer is possible that the system will require a password, it is by default, the 0000th After you enter the password to send moving pictures on the laptop. Another way is through a USB cable to your computer and copy the selected images to disk. After you connect the phone with your PC via USB and wait a few moments that the system recognizes the device and installs drivers. If you get a CD with the programs of the device it is desirable to install the drivers from the CD, because with them you get additional options such as data backup, software upgrades, installing applications. After the installation, click on My Computer and listed under the Other or the disc you will get a new device. Click on it and copy photos from phone to computer.

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