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Garlic pressure

If you have problems with high pressure, every morning, eat a clove of garlic. It works like aspirin, that thin the blood ..

Garlic is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Although it is widely known for his anti-social smell, is considered a food for centuries to heal. Most people know that garlic prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol, cures a cold, but it can also help lower high blood levels of tlaka.Australski researchers compared the results of 11 international studies, where patients are given daily garlic powder over a period of three to five months . They found a significant drop in blood pressure in subjects, and the largest drop seen among those who were at the start of the study had dangerously high blood tlak.Kako to preserve the natural characteristics, garlic should not be processed, or cooked. The most effective results you get if you squeeze fresh juice. If you have problems with the nerves twitching, convulsions, and various attacks, Crush one clove of garlic in a cup of hot mlijeka.Ukoliko have problems with high pressure, every morning, eat a clove of garlic.

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