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Ways of White Teeth

. Methods white teeth beautiful and healthy smile is a showcase of all of us, we should especially care about them

Beautiful and healthy smile is a showcase of all of us, especially should take care of them sometimes, however, despite the daily care, teeth begin to yellow and get to know us, we rock on the teeth it can be bad eating habits., Excessive drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. How can we restore the beautiful snow white? Here are ways to whiten teeth.
Probably one of the best ways to whiten teeth is to use baking soda because it cleans the entire mouth and greatly inhibits the growth of bacteria. We wash your face or soda Baking soak your toothbrush in the solution, and then brush your teeth. We must remember that the reason, we should not use baking soda several times a day, because it will irritate the gums, or even damage a natural tooth enamel. instead we use baking soda salt - continue as soda, or a toothbrush dipped in a solution of hydrochloric acid and brush your teeth -. Of course, using salt, you also need to exercise restraint - in the end do not want to damage the enamel
Another method of whitening. The main problem is the release of large amounts of sebum by the sebaceous glands in the skin, it can be said that our skin is oily, then, what is the effect of the glowing areas on the face, which looks ugly and disfigure our beauty, unfortunately. These symptoms are especially characteristic of girls during puberty. However, problems with the skin can take up to thirty years. Fortunately, we can reduce or even completely get rid of excess sebum. Heres how to look after and care for oily skin.
first we should focus on the daily cleansing of pollution. First umyjmy face gel - acne can be - and mineral water, is more sensitive. Unlike the show, plain soap dries your face wash your skin, stimulates the production of sebum and causes the skin may peel. So, we should use gentle cosmetic products. Myjmy face twice a day. Remember also that night we should make sure to wash away -! - So you do not block the pores of the skin and does not pollute. Wytrzyjmy face towel. We can also use a lotion that restores the proper pH. Tonic can do the same. Only lattice grate the cucumber, add a little boiled or mineral water. Then press the juice of a lemon. Instead of water we add the milk, but then leave out the lemon. Then, properly moisten your face cream or gel - designed for oily and acne -. They can be light consistency, it is better absorbed.
If you are using masks that we bought in pharmacies and drugstores, or let them alone. Effectively mask the yeast. At the beginning of crushed yeast, then add milk or boiled water, stir the mixture obtained, and then apply to face. Allow about 15 minutes. Another mask can make honey mixed with egg protein, and the imposition of the face for about 10 minutes.
It is important to take care of your skin from the inside. Lets try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day during the heat of 3-5 liters. Water has a cleaning effect, so you should eat a lot during the day. Taking into account diet, avoid foods that contain large amounts of salt and savory. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption and aggravates skin problems. We can enrich our diet with zinc, which helps keep the face.
Painting the matting should apply primer and powder, which absorbs excess sebum. Need for women with oily skin tissue mating, absorb excess sebum, leaving a fresh look.

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